FCL - It's You (San Soda's Panorama Bar Acca Version) to be released digitally via Defected licence

Well, time to let this cat officially out of the bag: 'It's You' will be released digitally through Defected somewhere in the next months. And because we know a lot of you will start crying wolf and accuse us of selling out, I want to take the time to explain to you why - after long and sometimes quite animated debate - we decided to go ahead with this. So here's why:

- We do music for a living and are not interested in leading the starving-but-proud-to-stay-unknown-artist-life.

- We want to see how far this one can really go.

- I only had one well-defined ambition when starting We Play House Recordings: to make what I consider to be good house music accepted by a bigger audience again, like it used to be when I discovered house music at the end of the '80ies.

- Discogs people selling the vinyl were getting paid 20 to 30 euro for a vinyl rip. (whether they should be selling the vinyl in the first place is a different debate)

- Big name DJ's were starting to openly ask for a rip to play out. (yes, I'm calling you a big name DJ Mr Jackmaster :-p)

- People are starting to play horrible Youtube rips of a piece of music that took San Soda days and nights to finally sound right.


As part of this licence the track will be remixed by some people who we regard as some of the best house producers in the history of this music, and it has been decided that there will never ever be an official vinyl re-release of this one, that was a very important condition for us. Sorry for those who missed it the first time around :-p

To conclude: those who say they would refuse a big label deal have most likely never been offered one.