FCL - More Vocals For Everyone E.P. - get it now (while you can)


The follow-up to 'Vocals For Everyone E.P.' is here, and it's called 'More Vocals For Everyone E.P.', we don't really think hard about our track and E.P. names :-p

Featuring Lady Linn, 'Used To Be' is doing the round with lovers of smooth and sexy vocal house, while 'Back' on the b-side is more vintage FCL rawness. Topping it off is the Arto Mwambe remix of 'Back'.

Get it at Music Mania in Belgium on vinyl, or via Juno, Decks, Hardwax and all the other fine vinyl shops in the world. Digital via Junodownload, Beatport and all the other portals I myself never visit... But hey, just get it officially and we'll be happy!