It's finally here...

First a website, then the artwork, and then the music? No way! Since the start of We Play House Recordings the focus was on music, with a neat package. Oh sure, we've had a website since day one, and we were on MySpace and all that, but the music always came first. And it will always come first, but social pressure and the fact that people keep on bugging us for old releases and more info has led to what you are seeing right now: the one and only official We Play House Recordings website. Well hurrah!

All info on our artists and our releases, a webshop where you can find vinyl and goodies, and this blog which will become not only your musical guide, but also your travel guide and bible to what's hot and what's not in our slightly ironic view, this is what our website has to offer.

Enough with the banter, just surf away and enjoy.


PS I cannot be held responsible if your lack of a sense of humour leads you to be offended in any way by the content of this blog.