WPH Spring & Summer 2019 Update

It's been a while since our last blog update. Luckily we are more active off the blog than on it... But I'm digressing already! This blog entry is meant to give you a bit of an update of what WPH has in store for you in the spring and summer of 2019.



As you are reading this WPH TEN-9 by Adham Zahran is available on vinyl and in digital format. This is the one-before-last release of our 10" series which will be concluded in April with WPH TEN-10 by krewcial. So what's next? Well, seeing as all of us here at WPH like our US classics and have been inspired by them since day one it seemed fitting to do more than 'just' be inspired. And so in 2019 we will be launching the WPH US Series on which we will give a platform to a whole slew of producers based in Detroit, Chicago, New York and beyond. We already have some serious heavyweights on board and on their respective releases we will have the core of other WPH regulars deliver remixes, edits, versions, collaborations, etc. It will all become clear in the near future, but we are pretty stoked about this one. Because let's face it: Kerri Chandler was right when he said 'enough of that fluffy BS'...



On the label night and label stage front we haven't been resting either. In Ghent we will be starting a new series of WPH nights at Amigo Amigo on Friday 22nd February with none other than Prosumer as guest. The small and cosy basement of Amigo fits our vibe perfectly, so come and check it out! Next to that we will be hitting the Brussels area again as well in 2019, starting with a collaboration with Play Label during the Listen! Festival on Thursday 18th April at Centre Pompidou. That collaboration will continue later this year at La Cabane, the new club that will be run by the Play Label boys. Stay tuned on all that via our Facebook page. Festival wise we will be back at Extrema Outdoor on Sunday 9th June and of course we are also hosting a WPH stage (for the 9th time) at Tomorrowland 2019.


WPH Memberships

If you are sparked by the above please be aware that in 2019 you can become a WPH Member again and receive all our music (digitally) directly into your mailbox, get guestlist at our events and receive our eternal love. Just look up our WPH store on and go to 'Merchandise'. The membership fee is 30 euro and the number of tracks you will receive is usually around 30-40, WAV or MP3 at your request. Where we come from that's called a bargain!


That's it for now. Keep on dancing and keep on playing!

Bart / Red D