WPH-styled thank you

Last Saturday WPH received the award for best Belgian electronic music label at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. With Eskimo Recordings and Lektroluv Records finishing second and third, it looks like electronic music might just be the ace up the sleeve of WEBA... (inside Belgian joke, so you can be confused right now)

It went a little something like this:

As you can see, my acceptance speech was rather short. Everybody else had already thanked everybody from their managers to their mothers, so I thought I'd keep it simple :-p

But that doesn't mean there is nobody to thank for this, because even if we don't release music just to get awards, it does mean that WPH is well and truly on the Belgian musical map, and that does make us happy, because it means we get to play good music all over the place :-) So, here's a quite uncomplete but very much sincere list of people and things WPH wishes to thank:

- All artists on WPH, because no label without people making the music.

- San Soda, the man who is always late with everything, but always on time when musical class is needed, both in the studio as in the booth.

- Baron Johan Van Kortknapen, the man behind the scene...

- Everybody booking everybody who is on WPH, thus bringing our vision on house music to the people.

- Ruurt & Wilfried, the FCL masterminds.

- All people buying and playing our vinyls. And to a lesser extent: all people legally downloading our releases. We do thank you, but you can move one step up and buy the wax :-p

- Red Bull for investing effort, time and money in the club scene. Although we prefer Duvel, we do thank you. And people take it for granted, but I don't see Heineken doing something like this... Wouldn't work in Belgium I think :-)

- DJ's playing crap music, makes it easier for us to stand out.

- DJ's playing badly sounding digital files, makes our vinyl sound better.

-  Samson, wherever he may be...


In the category best song, FCL's 'It's You' (San Soda's Panorama Bar Acca Version) finished third. Kinda funny to have thousands of people voting for a track that only about 150 people own. Now there's some WPH-styled antics for you!

Unless Netsky starts his own label, let's see if we can do this again next year ;-)