WPH's summer release schedule

Whereas most labels are pumping out all they've got these weeks and then go into hiding for the rest of the summer, we here at WPH like to do it differently... Shouldn't come as a surprise really :-)

At this moment WPH Pink is being shipped to all physical and online shops, it should be available everywhere end of this week or next week. On the website and in our own shop in Ghent (Music Mania) it has been selling fast and only a few copies are remaining in our own stock. 

This week WPH 016, San Soda's 'Toch Al De Vijfde E.P.' (featuring Gustaph & Jacob Korn) and the much-anticipated WPH V.I.P. Series (catalogue no WPH 015.5) have gone into pressing and will become available somewhere end of July/mid August. In the case of the V.I.P. Series strictly through our website and at Music Mania, on a one-copy-per-customer-if-we-see-it-on-Discogs-we-are-releasing-the-hounds-basis...

A new Summer Special is also in the making, featuring unreleased-on-vinyl remixes by Arto Mwambe and San Soda. Out when its ready, and limited to 400 copies.

For the fall you can expect a killer WPH debut by Metrobox with a Humandrone remix and a very special project paying hommage to Belgium and its original sounds. More info on that in the next months.


PS Check our Soundcloud in the next weeks for sound snippets of most of the above!