Berlin - Essen & Schallplatten

Is there anything we can say of Berlin that hasn't been said before? Is it the best city to enjoy underground music? Yes it is. Is it a nice place to walk and live in? Yes it is. Does it have a non-stop party scene for all creeds and colours? Yes it has. Is it a good place to enjoy great food at normal prices? Yes it is. And is it still a haven for vinyl diggers old and new? Of course it is. So I'm not gonna repeat all that... :-p Just a couple of addresses you might not know.

Killer food can be found at the legendary White Trash Restaurant near the Rosa Luxemburg Platz. If you have always looked for a spot that serves burgers in a place where you can find aquariums, rock bands, go-go dancers, pinball machines all at once, look no more... But do make reservations!

Discovered thanks to the Panoramabar people: restaurant Schneeweiss ( in Friedrichshain. Top notch restaurant with a top notch service and the very best Wiener schnitzel you've ever tasted!

Record shopping in Berlin is easy: Hardwax, Space Hall, Melting Point, Audio In and many many more, but a special mention goes to Oye Records in the Oderberger Strasse in Prenzlauer Berg. You'll be hard pressed to find a better selection of old and new than in this superb store. WPH approved all the way ;-)