Milan - dining and (record) shopping

Up next in our series of travel tips is the Italian city of Milan or Milano.

Known for fashion of course, and if you are into fashion, don't go there unless you can spend some money...

But even if you are not into fashion, there's plenty to see, do and especially eat :-) An overview, approved by WPH ;-)

- Scala Café (next to the famous opera house): Sit down, and order the BEST hot chocolate I ever drank!

- Obika, Mozzarella Bar: Fond of everything mozzarella? Find it here and go for the aperitivo first. The one on Via Mercato in Brera is a really nice one, but you can find some more spread out over the city.

-  La Cantina de Franco (Via Rafaello Sanzio 16): Situated in a more relaxed shopping area of Milan, this spot is perfect for tasting gorgeous wine and enjoying top notch dishes ranging from jamon Ibérico to French foie gras.

I was warned that Milan is not known for its record shopping, but after a few tips from locals I found some very decent vinyl at good prices in two different shops:

- Serendeepity (Corso de Porta Ticinese 100): One of the coolest streets and areas I was. Plenty of nice bars, alternative shops and this record shop that has a solid selection of new stuff and some good classics too. Found an old A Guy Called Gerald I never saw in here :-)

- Vinyl Brokers (Via Pericle, metro Precotto): In a more uptown area Vinyl Brokers offers a very good selection of second hand disco, soul, funk and house. All neatly ordered and everything in absolute mint condition, prices ranging from 3 to 7 euro for some very nice vinyls. That's what we call a bargain. They have a very nice selection on Discogs too, so check that out before you go and just ask!