Toronto Dining & Record Shopping

A couple of weeks ago San Soda and I played in Toronto at the 'Evening Standard' party, which went down at the lovely Drake Hotel. A killer venue holding two dancefloors, a bar, a restaurant and a hotel. Situated at 1150 Queen Street West, this spot is the perfect starting point to explore the more alternative side of Toronto. It was so alternative and fun we didn't even make it to downtown...

But this is about dining and record shopping right? Indeed it is! Dining in Toronto was a treat, with these two places deserving a special mention:

'Delux' Cuban dining at 92 Ossington Avenue. ( An absolute treat of a brunch in a very nice environment. Perfect wake-up call after the party night...

 'The Black Hoof' at 928 Dundas Street West. If you love your meat pure and cure(d), this is THE spot. In house cured meats of the highest quality, combined with very original tapas-styled dishes and accompanied by some very nice local beers, what self-respecting Belgian DJ could want more?

As far as record shopping went, we only went to the two stores of Cosmos Records on Queen Street West, but safe to say that they are all you need if you are looking for rare jazz, soul, hiphop and house. A true digger's paradise and a very knowledgeable owner. Records may be expensive, but they are second hand, and you can open your mouth now can you? It's called 'haggling', and it works as long as it's played fair on both sides :-)

All this free info was brought to you by WPH, lest you forget :-p