Things that do not belong in a DJ booth - Part 3

It's been a while since we've mentioned something that does not belong in a dj booth. But lately dj booths are starting to resemble technology shops, which is all good if you actually really do something with it, but really, a dj controller to sync your tracks? Maybe it's time some people out there start to face some facts...

Let's be honest, you are a DJ. Which means you simply play other people's music in a specific order. You spend time searching for music and you select what to play at what time? True, but that's something anybody who likes music also does. So the only thing that sets a DJ apart from somebody who just collects and plays music is mixing. And possibly also fashion and the number of DD-cupped blondes by his side, but that's a different story. 

One would expect that seeing as you sync your tracks, you would have the best selection in the world, because you can devote all your time to that part of the job. But hang on, you usually just play the Beatport or Traxsource top 10 of  *insert any boring genre here* , so you're not really doing that either are you? You have time to put some nice effects on the tracks? Well, by the music you play I can imagine that that might  be necessary to keep things vaguely interesting, I grant you that. But hey, maybe you should concentrate on finding music that's simply good by itself and doesn't need effects?

Mixing, taste and attitude, those are the things that can set you apart as a DJ. The first one can be tought to any monkey with a sense of rhythm, the second one is a matter of opening up your ears and thinking beyond the usual and the latter one comes with the second one.